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#WKRBCollegeRadioDay Schedule *UPDATED*

Next Friday beginning at 9am ET, wkrb903 will revolutionize #CollegeRadio with #innovative programming such as…:

9-11am: House Of Soul w DJ Jaxx

11am: Countdown Alternative 2014 w Peter A

12pm: Southernplayalistik w Miss Arae

1pm: Feel The Beat w DJ Madam K

2pm: The Mosh Pit w Richy V

3pm:Ultimate Vibes Radio w King Jamrock

Happy College Radio Day!!!

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#WKRBCollegeRadioDay schedule! #Collegeradio #CollegeRadioDay

College Radio Day is 10/3/14 and heres what WKRB has planned!:

9am ET: TBD

10am: House of Soul with DJ Jaxx

11am: Countdown Alternative 2014 with Peter A

12pm: Southernplayalistik with Miss Arae

1pm: Untitled w DJ Madam K

2pm: The Mosh Pit with DJ Richy V

3pm: Ultimate Vibes Radio with King Jamrock

Dixon bussing it real quick to #Apache (Jump On It) in the Production Studio on a feel good Friday! 

Planning something big for you guys(not his awful dance) stay tuned to WKRB in the coming weeks….and now back to you’re regularly scheduled program(watches the video again)

& make sure you catch Dixon on We Are Hip Hop very Monday at 8pm right here on WKRB! 


"Cause every little thing, is gonna be alright!!"- #BobMarley Tune in to #COOLVIBESRADIO tonight with me and @ambersmodernlife with special guests @mainevent47 & DJ @ruggz97 ! We got #classic #reggae #hiphop #dancehall as always for y’all so listen to @wkrb_903 online at !!! #CoHostDuets #cohostbehavior #collegeradio #music #threelittlebirds

Cool Vibes Radio is on your radio right now! Tune in on or apps like Tune in and Live 365! 

Alternative Avenue playlist 4/5/14. Full show to be posted soon.


  1. The Cranberries- Zombie

  2. Temple Of The Dog- Say Hello To Heaven

  3. Sonic Youth- Dirty Boots

  4. Chevelle- Take Out The Gunmen

  5. The Black Keys- Fever

  6. Foster The People- Coming Of Age

  7. ‘Back Catalog Court’: Pearl Jam- Yellow Ledbetter

  8. Foo Fighters- Let It Die

Make sure to catch Alternative Avenue tomorrow on 90.3 WKRB and! Peter brings you all the best in Alternative music! 

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